How to Lock Facebook Profile in Pakistan 2021

How to Lock Facebook Profile in Pakistan 2021 – Lock Any to lock facebook profile in pakistan.

Advantages of Facebook Profile Lock?

If you see on someone’s profile, that person has chosen to lock their profile and show a limited view of their profile content to people they are not friends with on Facebook. When someone locks their profile, only their friends will see the following: Photos and posts on their timeline.

When You Lock Your Facebook Profile?

When you lock your profile:

Only friends will see the photos and posts on your timeline.

Only friends can see your full size profile picture and cover photo.

Any posts you’ve shared in the past to Public will change to Friends.

Only a portion of your About Info will be visible to everyone on your profile.

Only your friends will be able to see your Stories.

Timeline review and tag review will be turned on.

You’ll be able to share new posts and photos with only your friends.

When You Unlocked Your Facebook Profile?

When you unlock your profile:

Your privacy settings will go back to the settings you selected before you locked your profile.

Posts that were Public before you locked your profile will become Public again. Posts that were shared with Friends after you locked your profile will stay shared only with Friends.

More people may see the photos and posts on your timeline, your full-size profile picture and cover photo, and your profile details.

You can share photos and posts with anyone.

Note: Any changes you made after you locked your profile will stay the same after you unlock your profile.

How to Lock Facebook Profile?

Hi Today I will Show you How to Lock Facebook Profile in Pakistan and any other Countries Without Any Proxy and VPN Services.You Can Lock Your Facebook Profile on any Working Account Old or New any Account.

1. First Of all You need to have a Facebook Account Any Account Old or New any Working Account.

2. Download and Install Facebook Lite on Your Android or Other Phone.

Download Facebook Lite

3. Open Your Facebook Lite and Login to Your Facebook Profile.

4. After Opening Your Facebook Profile Goto Account Settings.

5. Click on Settings and Then Click Translation for Posts You Will see the Following Interface.

6. Then Choose the Language Scroll Down till Bottom On almost 7 Number Language from Bottom You Want To Click on it.

7. Your Account Language Will be Changed Open Back on Your Main Profile Click on 3 Dot and You will see the Following Interface.Click one 5th Number then New Confirmation Window will be Opened.

8. In the Confirmation Window Click and Confirm Now.

9. Now Successfully You Have Locked Your Facebook Profile.

How To Unlock Facebook Profile?

After Locked Your Facebook Profile Now You Can Safely Change Your Default Language English and any Others Do you want to Use.

Click On 3 Dot Button You Will See the Unlock Facebook Profile Bottom Now you can Safely Remove Your Facebook Profile Lock.

Unlocked fb profile

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